Prose Poem: “Grimm”

Little Red Cinderlocks packed a basket for Grandmother and set off into the dark forest following a trail of breadcrumbs strewn by Hansel and Gretel. She hardly recognized Granny’s house with its new gingerbread walls, peppermint patty roof and marzipan trim. Little Red Cinderlocks knocked and a sweet voice called, “Come in!”

She beheld a long table heaped with savory dishes and goblets of red wine. A Witch in her Granny’s lace cap stoked a hot oven with faggots while a Wolf, napkin under chin, passed a plate of dainty girlfingers to Three Bears and a tiny, choleric, peg-legged man whose name she couldn’t guess. At that moment a Wicked Stepmother swung through a window on a rope of Rapunzel’s hair, landing hard enough to crack a mirror. “Too late for Snow White’s roasted heart?” she cried. “Served last night with fava beans and a decent shirraz,” cackled the Witch. “Girl, you missed a party!”

Little Red Cinderlocks took three steps backward. “Evil creatures, what have you done with Grandmother? I fear I have stumbled into a den of murderers, cannibals and thieves!”

The Wolf whipped off Granny’s steel-rimmed glasses and nailed her with a yellow glare. “Don’t get above yourself, Babycakes,” he snarled. “Without us–you got no story.”



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