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Passivity of Lakes

passive lakes . . .
stirred by wind
rain prow
osprey wing
loon spank
laughter skipping water
like a flat stone

colored by sky
stone sand log
narcissistic birch

passive lakes . . .
destined from birth
to choke on weed
drought sedge
til tamarack replace
pout of moon
admiring her reflection

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  1. I love your selected poems Margot. The Grandfather one is super and So June is Gone is oh so true and you capture it beautifully. Good job on getting this website together.

    Love, Susan

  2. Hi Margot-
    Nice to finally see whatyou look like and learn a little about you after so many years of hearing your name from Meg. I’ve loved May Sarton’s work for years! My mom introduced me to her when I was a young adult, with Journal of a Solitude. I had no idea you’d written her biography. I will definitely try to get it thru our library system an read it. And GB Shaw was a favorite of my father, so suddenly I feel as if you have a family connectionw ith me.
    I also liked your sample poems- So June Is Gone resonated particularly, so perhaps I’ll get around to checking out ome ofyour poery volumes as well. Since you’ve done so much writing on theatrical subjects, I will pass your information on to my daughter who loves the theater. -Nancy

  3. What a great Web site. Think I will post this to Facebook. . .so many more people should enjoy your poetry.

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